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Echosmith Interview! Singing In the Shower, Bad Rabbits, and More!

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"2 On" Cover Featuring Alexa Ferr!

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Asking Alexandria Premiere New Music Video For “Moving On”!

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Snaps N’ Claps Cover of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off By Crash The Party!

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Stage Right Secrets Intern and Staff Applications!

Hi guys! We’re expanding our staff and we’d love to have you come aboard.  We are currently looking for social media intern, news/features intern, NYC based photographer, video editor, and videographer/assistant in Las Vegas. You can fill out an application here. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Maroon 5 Announces Today Show Concert!

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The New Pornographers Album Review

By Brieann Kovalevsky

Brill Bruisers is the sixth studio album released by the band The New Pornographers.  The first time I heard this band was almost ten years ago (what? has time really gone that fast?) when they released the album Twin Cinema and I adored it.  The Canadian indie band formed in the late 90’s and released their first album in 2000.  Made up of eight musicians, The New Pornographers play a variety of instruments and turn those sounds into a dance-able and lively type of music.  Each member of the group also has solo careers as musicians including Dan Bejar of Destroyer, Neko Case, and Kurt Dahle of Limblifter.

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WANTED: Miley’s VMA Date

If you were one of the thousands of people watching the VMAs Sunday night without a doubt you saw the nice little act of kindness Miley did. She allowed her date, Jesse Helt, accept her VMA Video of the Year award on her behalf. When accepting the award Jesse gave heartfelt speech about the homeless youth of America, especially LA, and how we could help by donating to My Friends Place.

Well while everything might appear to be ok upfront, we have recently found out that Jesse is actually a “bad boy”. He is wanted for a string of criminal activities such as trespassing and criminal mischief. He has an arrest warrant out for him in Oregon. Not to mention apparently back in 2010 he attempted a breaking and entering and according to recent court records he’s also violated his parole on multiple occasions.

Wonder what Miley is going to have to say about this…

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Morrissey to choose track list for “Best of the Ramones” album

Many people already have a “Very Best of the Ramones” album but not one where the songs have been picked by Morrissey.  The singer of the Smiths has chosen songs that will be put on the upcoming “Best of the Ramones” CD and DVD.  Morrissey also picked out the artwork for the album along with the track list.  I’m excited to see what he thinks the best Ramones songs are!  Morrissey himself released an album earlier this summer called World Peace is None of Your Business and will be doing a European tour to promote it.
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Amy Lee’s New Solo Album

Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence, released her new solo album yesterday. The album is the soundtrack to the indie movie War Story, which hit select theaters at the end of July. Lee worked on the album with cellist Dave Eggar, and it took them a year to complete. It is Lee’s first solo album, and also her first as an independent artist. Lee did a piece with Rolling Stone about the process of the album, becoming independent, and the future of Evanescence, check it out here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/amy-lee-evanescence-qa-artistic-independence-20140811

Aftermath can be purchased now on iTunes: https://t.co/36FbWPBcy9

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